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Software Escrow and Registration of Intellectual Property of Technology

We help negotiate agreements to resolve conflicts between Licensors and Software Licensees.


The software's source code is released to the licensee if the licensor files for bankruptcy or otherwise fails to maintain and update the software as promised in the software license agreement.


National and international certification by the Escrow Agency is deposited an electronic sealed support with a security seal, with the information of the encrypted software and, in a second sealed electronic support, the security keys for access. Both supports will be in physically differentiated spaces.


Protection and online registration of software. Electronic certificates of intellectual property for the management of the author's rights, being able to license from our platform to its clients the software, receive the payments and generate the license agreements

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We provide security to the parties in a software licensing agreement . We assure in a neutral way the application of a personalized escrow contract, the monitoring of the deposit and the permanent audit of the project.

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Software Escrow Services and Protection of the Intellectual Property of Software Developers.

Software custody services include the deposit of the source code, usually requested by the licensee or beneficiary, to ensure software maintenance and protect the developer's IP

Escrow Agreements

International custody, maintenance and software´s audits for business continuity between Licensors and Licensees. Contingency and business continuity

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Access your contracts, upload your projects to the platform, follow up on new records, ask your questions at any time and from anywhere. Our team of lawyers will attend you. Functions: CALENDAR OF DEPOSITS RENOVATIONS, ALERTS, BILLING, LICENSE FOLLOWING, DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATES AND CONTRACTS.

Online register. Escrow and Intellectual Property

Registrasoft, offers software intellectual property protection services. Deposita online and off-line Notarial, verifies (optionally) and safeguards the software with the source code, user manuals and related documentation, which requires the confidentiality of the information. With INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CERTIFICATE, recognized in more than 160 countries.

Escrow verification

Our main references. Large Company, we have worked with important companies both nationally and internationally, from banks, with international presence to infrastructure, defense, transportation, technology and software companies listed on the stock exchange, with projects in Europe, Arabia, Asia and Latin America. SMEs and Autonomous We have covered emerging businesses, which deposit their developments in order to offer quality and assurance of their intellectual property, as well as in the internationalization of their solutions, through investment networks. Government and public corporations